Energy, Imagination and Writing Talent

In Arthur Plotnik’s article titled ” You can conquer Writer’s Block” in May 2012 “The Writer ” Magazine, he says “some genres have certain conventions that do need attention, but the rest is energy, imagination and writing talent.”

He continues to say that in fiction, it is not always the expertise that counts (the expert in a certain profession or situation), but the illusion of expertise, many times, that could count even more. He explains how art is an illusion, done with stage effects that seem even more real than reality.

What he is trying to say here is that a writer does not need to know the subject inside and out to write a good story; she just needs to have a sharp eye and stay a few engaging steps ahead of the reader. Furthermore, the writer who is new to the subject matter has the advantage of looking at her material with a fresh view, being as enthusiastic about learning about the topic as she is about sharing it with her readers.

Although it pays to write from experience, or “write what you know”- as most writers suggest, there is also potential for a great story when written by an enthusiastic writer who is passionate about her idea and conveys it in the tale she tells as opposed to the “burned out” professional who has possibly been trapped in his situation too long to be able to turn something old into something fresh.

I share Mr. Plotnik’s suggestion to maintain the energy to sneak time in your day to write, explore the depths of your imagination and tweak that burning talent that has been forever threatening to erupt through the thickest of writer’s blocks. And then write….

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