About Me

Although one of my deepest wishes is to become a published author, I have already made part of that dream come true by writing everyday. Despite that there is a good chance I may never publish a novel, the mere act of writing blogs- whether my own or the blogs I write for our office website, writing short stories and essays to submit to journals and magazines or writing pieces of the various novels I am currently working on, gives me a great amount of joy. My passions of writing and reading go hand in hand and finding time to do both makes this journey worth it despite whether I end up with a contract or not.
To be happy at what one does is a joy everyone should feel and I whole heartily recommend it!
I have been in a book club for more than 15 years and consider that to be one of the greatest joys of my life- the women in the club are so very close to my heart. Together we have shared our lives through discussions of stories we have read and how they relate to and affect our own lives. I couldn’t imagine not having those wonderful women and fellow book lovers in my life! Everyone should belong to a book club!
I am also a member of various writers organizations, including Women Who Write and Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators. In addition, I participate in two critique writers group meetings; one weekly and one every other week. Those groups, which are comprised of fellow writers with similar dreams to mine, continue to help me immensely with the craft of writing and my own aspirations.
I work full time as a Medical Practice Manager and part time as a founding consultant for Legacy Republic- where we rescue family memories, converting videos, photos and more to digital format, while doing what means most to me- raising four wonderful sons. I run five days a week and find time to work out almost every morning before getting the kids to school and myself to work! I also have the greatest boyfriend, family and friends that a girl could have.
My goals are, besides making sure my boys lead healthy and happy lives, to publish the various projects I am currently working on while taking on other writing assignments as I acquire them. I am available for editing, proof-reading, creating resumes, blogging, writing for web-sites, copy-writing or other various writing assignments and can be reached through my blogs by leaving me a comment or by my facebook account. In the meantime, Happy READING AND WRITING!

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