Make your characters be trapped on a train….

In order for a writer to make an extreme impact upon the reader, she should consider making the story be about more than just the individual. How about the organization that intimidates,mistreats or misguides to achieve compliance ( government anyone?). After all,simply “breaking the law” isn’t as frightening as an entire social order headed by the wrong person in charge.

Although we tend to think of the ” organization ” as something large such as the government or a large corporation, the story could be about a school administration, a small town commitee or even a sports team – just as long as the writer developes a good idea and spins a tale with enough conflict or action to keep the reader hooked to the end!

I have often associated writing with psychology, among other things, because so much of what we write about reflects the real issues people go through at various points in their lives. Sometimes the reader picks up a book because she is eager for resolution or perhaps she is just looking for proof that she is not alone in her battle, or of course, she may be looking simply for escape. Whatever way one looks at it, the stories we read and write touch our lives in some way, therefore; it is the writer’s job to touch with as much stimulation as possible. If the story has the protagonist facing the injustices of the “organization”, the writer should set up the story to not only tell the individual’s story but to convey the more global message to the world.

By trapping the passengers (readers) on a train ( in the story) that is heading for disaster (suspense,conflict, drama ) the writer has done her job to entertain, enlighten or move the reader and hopefully in the process, by the time the train pulls into the station safely, the reader got off the train a better informed, more grateful person than she was before she boarded!

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