One step at a time

When I get up in the morning I do not think about the 30 minute run I have ahead of me because if I did-if I really thought about it- I would never do it. I would focus on the long route ahead, the cold, the exhaustion it would bring on, the time it would take up and just the general difficulty of the task itself!

This is the same with writing. Taking on a new writing project means finding time and self discipline, fighting the temptation to give up when it starts to feel like you are spinning your tires and going no where or even worse- going backwards and above all it means promising yourself to persevere and NEVER give up! No matter how long the road seems to be or how exhausted you, the writer, feel – you force yourelf to push forward- taking one more step at a time , or if you’re a runner like I am one  more leap!

I once read the following advice ( my apology to the author as I do not recall her or his name at the moment) :  Like driving a car at night with headlights as the only way to see the road directly in front of the driver , there is no way to see the destination ahead or even just beyond the first few feet in front of him yet the driver keeps going, moving forward until finally he reaches his destination!  His faith and determination give  him the motivation he needs to enable him to stay on course despite the obstacles he faces.

As a writer, I know I must write a piece at a time with  faith in myself and my passion along with the determination and hard work that I know it takes – without over- thinking it and then one day I will reach the finish line, maybe cold and exhausted, but I will gain  the reward of success in the end!  And that, my fellow writers, is worth getting up and running for!

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