The Journey Begins for me

As I sit here on this near zero degree day in New Jersey- tapping on the keys of my laptop -to my very first blog on this new Writing Queen site, I feel the excitement rush through me with thoughts of what I should  write.  Where do I start my journey, I wonder. Do I begin with “Once upon a time… ” or do I start with ” When I was a little girl”  or how about ” One day, many years ago…”. 

I suppose I could  just start with a dream… If I wish upon a star or blow out the candles, or even throw a penny in a fountain and I release a dream that I have always had, dormant and buried, since probably about eight years old,-to write… then my journey will have begun and I will already be on my way to making that dream come true.  I would think that giving life to that dream  would be a perfect first step..

 Each subsequent blog will reflect something I am writing, or reading, or reading about writing and will in itself  be my journey and perhaps as I go along, other writers and readers will accompany me –  even sharing a piece of advice or comments  along the way.  So here we go…

Here is my first piece of advice that I have just read :  Drama is the sum of desire and danger.  The greater the desire , the greater the possibility for drama.  To make it work the writer must incorporate danger to the mix.  Your characters must struggle to get what they want, and you must make sure they are put at risk (life, happiness, health, etc) 

And so, we have taken our first step.  Only tomorrow, or the next blog, will show us where we will go next.

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