Removing yourself from your life to finish a book or do whatever you NEED to do for YOURSELF…

Imagine that!  You are a mother.  You are a wife or ex-wife or partner!  You are an employer, employee, boss or entrepreneur.  You are a daughter, sister, friend, co-worker, neighbor, step mother, god mother, friend of a best friend’s daughter… Whatever you are you are some wonderful person who has or had dreams to be somebody special one day.  Now, you are thinking those dreams are forgotten and locked away like old childhood toys in the attic never again to see the light of day and you are just .. well.. simply one of the above with a job to do, house to run and kids to raise.  BUT stop!  To be one of the above is amazing.  To be even one of those, and I will bet you are more than one, means you ARE amazing and have done something amazing with your life!

In Mridu Khullar Relph’s Writer Magazine August 2014 article ” The Finishing Touch”, she talks about “removing herself from her life and going to a B&B or Inn to finish her book.  “The peace and quiet combined with stepping out of my real life and into the lives of my characters not only makes the writing quicker, but lends a propulsive quality to my books,” she says.  When I first read this I felt envious and even angry.  Who gets to do that?  What mother or any of above can just slip away and escape into the artistic world of writing or any other artistic world for that matter.  What husband will allow it, let alone boss, partner, child (and I have grown sons who would never allow it.. and yes they are still my children who want to feel comforted and safe knowing their mother is there for them!)?  Lets face it, Ms. Relph, its just not that easy…

YET, she does have a point.  Okay, maybe we can not all go off to a B&B or Inn somewhere by ourselves, but couldn’t we at least squeeze in an hour or two or even a few minutes from our busy week to ourselves as a sort of escape.  To dabble in our passion, day dreams or fantasies for just a few minutes… or more.  What would be so terrible for those of us who have dreams to take just a little time off for ourselves so that we could ignite the fires of our passions, to paint, play music or write.   So that all of the admirers of art or music or photography and all of our readers of good fiction and non fiction will have the opportunity to explore, find and enjoy ART in its most natural form…

If we can not remove ourselves from our lives (I know you are thinking ‘fat chance since we do have bills to pay and kids to feed’… I know… I know..) and escape into the land of artistic creation, regardless of religion or politics, to explore and expose human behavior and thinking, then we are nothing more than the mindless followers of satan and all that is bad in the world created centuries ago who waste the gifts we have been given rather than embrace them.

So, go ahead and remove yourself from your life.. explore… ask, ….. find out.. and be… Enrich and teach.. spread the word through words or whatever artistic ability you have.  But no matter what, never give in to the silence that suppresses you.  After all, you made it this far so you must be someone special.  Now hold onto your seats as we fire up this outdated square box contraption that imprisons us and eject ourselves outside the walls that confine us and on toward the world of freedom, possibilities and opportunities.

One thought on “Removing yourself from your life to finish a book or do whatever you NEED to do for YOURSELF…

  1. Hi, I’m Mridu Khullar Relph, the author of the article you’ve talked about. I do want to point out that like you, I have a child and am actually currently the breadwinner of my family, so no, I can’t go to an inn to do my writing work either. The line you’re quoting is from an author I interviewed, a New York Times bestselling author, in fact, who said that doing this one thing for herself was a game changer for her.

    That said, if getting away for you is hard for you right now because you have young children, as it is for me, I have the following tips for you, from personal experience:

    Thanks for checking out my work and good luck with your writing!


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