What inspires you?

Writers need not be knitters, says Rachel Randall, a Managing Editor at Writer’s Digest, but they do need to seek out those things that energize them creatively. In the July/ August 2014 edition of Writer’s Digest, Ms. Randall explains how important it is to take time to refuel. Whether you are a writer, like me, or like Rachel Randall, or not, you must have your own goals or dreams lingering around in your head. I will guess that some of you , well most of you probably, actually have talent laying dormant inside you waiting to erupt, yet either you don’t believe it, think you have other “more important things to do.. like feeding your kids, or just haven’t been able to tap into it yet.
Writing is not just about writing itself.. its about finding those tasks that allow us to open the flood gate of ideas to come forward, just as Rachel Randall says in her article:
” We need to find tasks that relax us- be they gardening, cooking or hiking- to encourage and foster creative thought. We need to train our minds to recognize inspiration in even the most ordinary details of our lives, and we need to give ourselves the license to just play with our writing, to unleash our wildest notions on the page.”
Ms. Randall makes a very valid point.
As in everything we do, from cooking to wall-papering a nursery, its the ideas that fuel us, that empower us and give us confidence to put it out there. Without the seed, the flower will not grow and without the idea, the story will not bloom.

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