If you look at the top of the mountain, you’ll never climb it.

Life is challenging. Each day we wake with a fresh start, a new hope for something better and it is up to each of us to reach as high as we can to attain what will make us happy or conversely, allow the latest obstacle to overwhelm us. No matter what the size of today’s struggle is, the power is ours to defeat it as long as we put in the effort.
Inside of us is a tiny seed of ambition that will only grow if we locate it and subsequently, use our time and energy to nurture it. Nothing is as satisfying as watching that seed grow into a full fledged dream come true. For some, its raising a child to adulthood and for others its a job or a new home. For many its all of those things.
Writing, like life, is daunting. As an author, I glimpse an idea and I toss it around in my mind and like a handful of snow rolled around on the ground until it becomes a jolly happy soul leading a line of children marching down the street, I give it life. Although I admit there are times (more than I care to let on) that I think it is too difficult, or overwhelming and I come shamelessly close to giving it up; murdering my idea before it has the chance to take its first breath. And if I dare to envision each step of the long challenging process ahead, from writing draft after draft, to revisions and edits and pursuing a publisher, I am sure to throw in the towel and find something else less intimidating to do instead.
But then where will I be at the end of the day when I reflect on my accomplishments or lack of..?
That’s easy. I will still be pacing back and forth at the bottom of the mountain, looking up at the top wondering what it looks like up there and how it would feel to climb higher than the clouds, actually reaching success.
So, as I roll around my idea, giving birth to my dream, I decide to take one step at a time without looking at the peak. Somewhere inside me is the strength I need to make my way to the top, and only I can find and nourish it as long as I keep moving forward and never give up.

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